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24 August 2009 @ 09:26 pm
20-24 August 2009 Weekend Edition  
kkm_itest: Week 117 & 118 banners :: Week 120 banners :: Week 122 themes :: Round 121 results
kkm_challenge: Round 42 winner :: Round 44 themes
kkm_caption: Week 72 screencaps :: Week 71 winners
kkm_media: Reminder: FSTs due at the end of august

New Fics
Break, chapter 1 [Yuuri] by lysander_o
This is How We Live [Cheri, Gwendal, Conrad, Wolfram, G] by allira_dream
The Accident, chapter 1 [Yuuram, Conrad, Gunter, PG13] by genkisakka
The Awakened Past [Yuuram, T] by hannah_asakura
In Good Will [Wolfram-centric, G] by allira_dream
Wolfram's Burial Ceremony [WolfYuu, T] by batty_gal

New Fanart
Gunter [G] by tsurume
Finally Found, Chapter 1 [Yuuram] by maigretecho

75 icons
AMVs [Multiple amvs and pairings]
Yuuram FST [kkm_media entry]

Doujinshi for sale
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