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A Daily Digest of all KKM news and activites

Welcome to The Daily Maou, a Kyou Kara Maou newsletter inspired by the same concept as bleach_news. Everyday, a post of any announcements, new fics/art, or anything else related to Kyou Kara Maou will be compiled in a neat list for easy access.

This is a closed community, meaning only moderators may post entries. In order to read posts, you only have to friend the community.

Examples of information that should be posted here: RPGs looking for players, discussions, new communities, requests for media, selling merchandise, contest announcements...the list goes on. Almost anything is fair game so long as it is KKM related!

If you would like to submit any news, make a comment in the most recent post and if appropriate it will be in the following day's report.

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Be sure to use the provided code to make it link back here!

This feature have been retired.

Fic/Pic of the Week Archive.

KKM Community/Fansite of the Month Archive.

These are the LJ communities recorded by the_daily_maou. If you know of a KKM community that is not listed here, please place a note on a recent entry.

RPs, even KKM-only RPs, are not watched. However, we will happily report any appropriate KKM RP news that is submitted to us by placing a comment on a recent post.

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Check here for all other KKM communities, sites, and references.

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Many thanks to all the readers who have supported the_daily_maou!

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